Light of Our Love
Light of Our Love

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Stay Tuned for Danger


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Lillian Weiss (-1999)


Bill Pappas (1999-)


Mattie Jensen
Rick Arlen



Light of Our Love is a daily soap opera that is in its 11th season as of November 1999. It is shot at WWB Studios in New York. At that time, it was being directed by Lillian Weiss and produced by Bill Pappas. Characters included Rory (played by Rick Arlen) and Yuri Danner, and Serena Livingstone (played by Mattie Jensen).Yuri is Rory's evil twin.

At the end of the 11th season, Serena and Rory get married.

Nancy was even an extra on the show in Stay Tuned for Danger. The show's logo can briefly be seen while trying to watch the TV in Trail of the Twister.

Serena and Rory

A scene with Mattie (Serena) and Rick (Rory).