Lily Crewe is a PhD student studying paleontology at Kingston University in New York.

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Tomb of the Lost Queen Edit

Lily is on her first real archaeological expedition in 2012 at the site that is believed to be Nefertari's tomb. With Jon gone, she tells Nancy that she's putting herself in charge. She seems to be very afraid of the supposed curse on the tomb, and has studied curses before.

Lily was studying paleontology, but changed her major in her freshman year. When Nancy talks to Jon about her, he says it's surprising that Abdullah put her on his team. Abdullah also chastises her for being inexperienced. Towards the end of the game, Nancy discovers a letter in Abdullah's trunk that says that she had almost been removed from the PhD program for falsifying her research.

At the end of the game, Nancy learns that Abdullah wanted Lily on his team to help him with his smuggling operation due to her questionable academic record. Lily had tried to get Nancy off of the site by putting a cobra on her bed. However, when Abdullah is arrested, he takes the blame for everything and Lily is let go. Nancy hears she continues studying paleontology.

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