Lisa Ostrum is a journalist that was a guest at Wickford Castle, at the same time as Nancy.

Treasure in the Royal TowerEdit

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In 2001, Nancy meets Lisa at Wickford Castle in Wisconsin. Lisa is very open and upbeat and the two become fast friends.

However, when Nancy finds Marie Antoinette's lost diamond, Lisa tries to take it after using pepper spray on her. She reveals that she was the one who stopped the elevator while Nancy was in it, locked her outside, and knocked her out. Lisa also vandalized the library, having misread Professor Hotchkiss's medallion's message as saying "Diamond of misery in the library". She had obtained this medallion (and was able to put the blue one in Hotchkiss' room) by pretending to be the castle's maid.

Lisa's Passport 1

After Nancy traps her, Lisa misses her getaway plane to Rio de Janeiro and is taken to jail. It is revealed that Lisa has made her living as her own personal diamond thief. Lisa also carries many false identities.

Her real job was a photojournalist. She was 26 at the time of the game, making her birth date around 1974.

Aliases Edit

  • Helen Carp
  • Alina Boyd
  • Tanya Lee Gooding

Quotes Edit

Lisa's Passport 2
  • "You're the worst friend a diamond thief could ever have!"
  • "Oh we got scandal, honey. Professor Hotchkiss is claiming she's been robbed for one thing. But the real scandal is down stairs. His name is Jacques Brunais!"