This is a List of all the Places in the Main Nancy Drew Adventure Series and Dossier Series.

Adventure Series Edit

Secrets Can Kill Edit

Stay Tuned for Danger Edit

Message in a Haunted Mansion Edit

Treasure in a Royal Tower Edit

  • Wickford Castle
    • Nancy's Room
    • The Library
    • Ski Rental
    • Sitting Room
    • Hotchkiss' Room
    • Garden
    • The Tool Shed
    • The Tower

The Final Scene Edit

Secret of the Scarlet Hand Edit

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Edit

The Haunted Carousel Edit

Danger on Deception Island Edit

The Secret of Shadow Ranch Edit

Curse of Blackmoor Manor Edit

The Secret of the Old Clock Edit

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Edit

Danger by Design Edit

The Creature of Kapu Cave Edit

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Edit

Legend of the Crystal Skull Edit

The Phantom of Venice Edit

The Haunting of Castle Malloy Edit

Ransom of the Seven Ships Edit

  • Dread Isle
    • Shark Diving Resort
    • Shark Cove
    • Blue Hole
    • Bat Steep
    • Sangre Beach
    • Primate Behavioral Research Center
  • Dove Isle
  • Half-Moon Bay

Warnings at Waverly Academy Edit

Trail of the Twister Edit

Secrets Can Kill Remastered Edit

Shadow at the Water's Edge Edit

The Captive Curse Edit

  • Castle Finster
    • Nancy's Room
    • The Dungeon
    • The Glass Blowing Shop
    • The Gift Shop
    • The Dining Hall
    • The Security Office
  • The Woods

Alibi in Ashes Edit

Tomb of the Lost Queen Edit

The Deadly Device Edit

Ghost of Thornton Hall Edit

The Silent Spy Edit

The Shattered Medallion Edit

Labyrinth of Lies Edit

Sea of Darkness Edit

Dossier Series Edit

Lights, Camera, Curses! Edit

Resorting to Danger! Edit

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