Lizzie (Elizabeth) Applegate was a singer/songwriter from the 19th century who wrote many famous plays such as "The Bandit's Treasure".

Biography Edit

Diego Valdez, according to the legend, fell in love with Lizzie during the years she entertained at gold mining camps. In Message in a Haunted Mansion it is revealed that, after marrying Diego Valdez who turned out to be El Diablo, she hid the Great Christmas Gold in their house in San Francisco that Rose Green came to own in 2000. She set up a series of puzzles in the house for him to solve in order to find the gold, but he never came back to the house, leaving Nancy to solve the puzzles. Lizzie probably died around 1905, since the house was bought in 1906. Her will stated that if Diego was not found a year after her death, her estate would be liquidated.

She was well-loved by the people of San Francisco because of her cultural and humanitarian contributions. She began her career entertaining gold miners at their camps.

Elizabeth and Diego married on June 18, 1876. Diego had probably disappeared/died already by 1880, the year The Bandit's Treasure premiered, since the lyrics say "golden dreams of blissful love soon failed you and me". After The Bandit's Treasure's initial success it was followed by a string of even more hits, including The Riddle of the Chinese Box, The Fire in the Phoenix Eye, and Rainbow's Gold.

Lizzie was a huge fan of the Ladies Protection and Relief Society, and arranged for the money used to buy the house after she died to be donated to the organization in its entirety.

Wing Tang was one of her chefs while she operated The Golden Gardenia, and she was a good friend of Lotta Crabtree, another popular 1800's actress.
Lizzie's Ghost

Abby Sideris's imagining of Lizzie's ghost. She can also rarely be seen in the upstairs mirror.

Message in a Haunted Mansion Edit

In 2000, Abby Sideris fakes a haunting in the Golden Gardenia. She projects a image of Lizzie as a ghost onto the mirror of the saloon.

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Edit

It is revealed in this game that Lizzie frequented Icicle Creek Lodge and was friends with Trapper Dan. When a heavy pelt tax was enacted in 1905, it was Lizzie who suggested Dan build a series of puzzles that led to a place to hide his furs. This makes sense, given her hotel based around puzzles. This information also suggests that she lived until 1905.

Trivia Edit

  • A picture of Lizzie is on the wall of the Canute College Homestead for some reason in Trail of the Twister.