Loulou is the pet parrot of the Penvellyn family.

Biography Edit

At some point early in her life she was found in the Amazon by John Penvellyn and brought back to his home in England, Blackmoor Manor. He was very close to her; he even had his portrait painted with her sitting on his shoulder. They enjoyed playing word games together, which John later incorporated into a door puzzle hidden in one of the secret passageways. Every now and then she would grow sullen and refuse to play unless she was told that she was "a very, very clever and beautiful bird".

Curse of Blackmoor Manor Edit

Loulou appears to enjoy making spooky noises to scare new visitors, such as Nancy Drew, and likes to quote a variety of media such as the movie Jaws. She can translate Latin phrases and even give hints about Nancy's case. Sometimes she'll refuse to give hints until Nancy brings her a cake, which can be made using the Krolmeister oven in Jane's room. However, parrots have delicate constitutions and she can be poisoned by certain ingredients, which will result in Loulou getting sick and Nancy getting kicked out of Blackmoor Manor.

At some point she had offspring and has at least one granddaughter, Coucou, who lives on Dread Isle.

Appearance Edit

Loulou is primarily green with a few red feathers on his wings and yellow feathers covering her head. She is a yellow-headed parrot, also known as a double yellow-headed amazon.

Quotes Edit

  • "You're gonna need a bigger boat."
  • "Felicity, the door! The door!"
  • "Polly is a stupid bird, Polly is a stupid bird."

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