Mickey Malone owned four Rottweiler dogs.

Biography Edit

Gangster Mickey Malone gave his beloved Rottweilers names that began with Roman numerals- Xander, Iggy, Vitus and Lucy. He loved them all so much, he incorporated them into many puzzles he designed to protect the Hole-in-the-Floor gold he had stolen. He even had several portraits and mosaics made in each of their likenesses.

When Malone was arrested on January 29, 1932, his friend Willy Akers had tombstones made for each dog that said they all died on that date, according to Malone's wishes. However, Willy took care of the dogs himself until their deaths.

A rumor began that the vengeful spirits of Malone's dogs guarded his cabin and the gold from anyone who dared trespass.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Edit

Seventy years after Mickey Malone's arrest, Emily Griffin hears about the Hole-in-the-Floor gold and decides to search Malone's old cabin for it. Unfortunately for her, she's forced to stop her search when the cabin is sold to a woman named Sally McDonald. Undeterred, Emily acquires four Rottweilers -Eddie, Meryl, Bruce, and Cher- and puts glowing toothpaste on their teeth and eerie lights on their eyes so that they'll look like the ghosts of Mickey Malone's dogs. Emily trains them to attack the cabin in order to scare Sally away so she can resume her search.

However, Emily doesn't count on Sally calling in Nancy Drew for backup. The teen detective eventually discovers Emily's plan and get her arrested. Free to move back into her new cabin, Sally happily adopts the dogs that had frightened her so badly.

Trivia Edit

  • Iggy was born on November 11, 1919. He loved being on the cabin's porch.
  • Lucy was born on April 4, 1922. She enjoyed playing on the nearby wrecked boat.
  • Xander was born on August 16, 1923. He preferred to be near the well pump.
  • Vitus was born on February 8, 1924. He liked barking at the red tailed hawk perched on the tree in front of the cabin.
  • Each dog had a different-colored collar based on the season of their birth. Iggy had a yellow collar, Lucy had a green one, winter-born Vitus had blue, and Xander had red.

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