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DOG wallpaper2

The ghost dogs.

Mickey Malone had four Rottweiler dogs at Moon Lake. He gave them names that began with Roman numerals - Xander, Iggy, Vitus and Lucy. Iggy was born on November 11, 1919. Lucy was born on April 4, 1922. Xander was born on August 16, 1923. Vitus was born on February 8, 1924. They all died the night Malone was arrested on January 29, 1932.

Mickey loved his dogs so much that he incorporated them into many puzzles he designed in order to find the Hole-in-the-Floor gold. He had paintings and mosaics done for each of them.

In 2002, Emily Griffin had four dogs - Eddie, Meryl, Bruce and Cher - and trained them to act vicious from a silent signal sent through a speaker on the cabin, which Sally McDonald bought. Emily also put glowing toothpaste on their teeth and lights on their eyes. She wanted the dogs to attack Sally's house in order to scare her off so that she could find the gold. When Nancy busted her plan, Sally adopted the dogs.

Dogs' Graves

The dogs' gravestones.

Iggy Mosaic
Lucy Mosaic
Vitus Mosaic

Xander's portrait is slightly burned.

Xander Mosaic
Iggy liked to be on the porch, Lucy liked to be on the nearby wrecked boat, Vitus liked to bark at the red tailed hawk on the tree in front of the house, and Xander liked to be near the well pump. Mickey gave each of the dogs a collar with a different stone in it - Iggy had yellow, Lucy had green, Vitus had blue and Xander had red.
Malone's Bones

Mickey apparently had his own special brand of dog treats for his dogs.

Lucy on the Folly

Lucy on the Folly.

Dog Photo
Dog Photo 2
Dog Photo 3
Dogs On Porch

Dogs on the porch.

All Four Dogs

All four of the dogs.

Ghost Dog

The ghost dogs in action.

Dog With Dartboard
Dogs 5

The modern day dogs.

Dogs 1
Dogs 2
Dogs 3
Dogs 4

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