Millie Strathorn is the owner of WWB Studios in New York City. She has a lot of cats, is the prop master and has a difficult time telling between fantasy and reality. She often tries to contribute to the scripts (and kill off Rory Danner), but her writings are not accepted.

Stay Tuned for DangerEdit

Mildred W. Strathorn
In 1999, Millie is convinced that Rory's evil twin Yuri is behind the threats against Rory's actor, Rick Arlen. She has Nancy answer a series of riddles before allowing her to enter the prop room.


  • Millie is actually Nancy from the future. Her klepto closet has expanded to an entire studio prop room (which also explains why there are so many references in the prop room to the Nancy Drew books) and she makes people solve riddles to enter because all she knows by that point is doing irrelevant chores for people to get what she needs from them. She is also voiced by Lani Minella, Nancy's voice actress.
  • Inspired by Mildred Benson, a famous author.

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