Tammy Barnes, better known as Minette, is an American fashion designer living in Paris, France.

History Edit

Minette is interested in curves and designs clothes for plus sized women, and her models have to be size 12 or up. Because of her interest in curves, she bought an old windmill to turn into her studio after its previous owner, Noisette Tornade, died a year or two before Nancy's internship there began. Her current assistant is Heather McKay. Minette goes through assistants quickly, but Heather has managed to stay on for the longest. Sonny Joon was her last intern.

Prudence Rutherford, and Emily Griffin are fans of hers.

Danger by DesignEdit

In 2006, Minette begins acting very strangely. She showed up to the last day of her Fall show in March wearing a mask which she never took off since and began throwing tantrums, firing three people since the end of March and falling behind in her work. She also started receiving threats and dead flowers. Her boss, Amy Grunhild, who is a friend of Nancy's father, asks Nancy to intern with Minette undercover to find out what's going on.

In truth, Minette was falling behind in her work because she was doing extra work making sure that the dress the First Lady would wear in November at the World Summit would be a bugging device for Ernst and Gunther Schmeck, former members of the East German secret police. The threats were coming from them, urging her to work faster, and she also had to break up with Dieter von Schwesterkrank because of the stress. The mask was, in fact, hiding an alien tattoo she had gotten.

When Nancy tries to take the dress, Minette tries to stop her with a martial art called Ichi-do, but Nancy blocks all her punches (because Minette conveniently tells her where she's going to hit her) until Minette faints. 

Trivia Edit

  • In a 2009 issue of the Tinseltown Tattler seen in Resorting to Danger!, Minette seems to be having a "come-back collection".
  • Due to their similar designs and identical demographic, Hugo Butterly is her rival. He named his pitbull after her.

Quotes Edit

  • "Stuff. I want... stuff. New that's just like this old stuff, only... different."

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