Sunny Joy Montague is a wealthy client of the Redondo spa. She used to own a digital components company, having turned it into a billion dollar business. She always carries around her purebred pomeranian, Mr. Mingles.

Resorting to Danger!Edit

In 2009, Mrs. Montague is at the Redondo. She wants to be the first to try Helfdan Helgason's new products in exchange for giving him funding to start his own business. She is also angry at the Redondo, as she belived they botched one of Mr. Mingles's spinal massages. When she hears Cassidy mention bombs towards the end of the game, she leaves, saying she will never return to the Redondo.

If Mrs. Montague is not the one setting of the bombs, Nancy will discover a letter from her to her lawyer demanding a lawsuit for Mr. Mingles. In the event that she is the culprit, Nancy will find a letter in her purse from her son, Leonard R. Montague, who is also her lawyer, suggesting that she take the Redondo's deal to accept 25% of their A-Level stocks and hold them irresponsible for Mr. Mingles's condition. Even so, she was still angry enough to want to ruin the Redondo for what they did, and used her old company to get materials for the bombs.
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