Starting with Danger by Design and ending with Alibi in Ashes, Nancy's scrapbook was available at the beginning of the game on Nancy's desk.The scrapbook contains pages about each of Nancy's cases, and would add new pages after each game was made. The pages for Secrets Can Kill were eventually replaced with pages for Secrets Can Kill Remastered.

Sck page

Secrets Can Kill

Sckr page

Secrets Can Kill Remastered

Stfd page

Stay Tuned for Danger

Mhm page

Message in a Haunted Mansion

Trt page

Treasure in the Royal Tower

Fin page

The Final Scene

Ssh page

Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Dog page

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Car page

The Haunted Carousel

Ddi page

Danger on Deception Island

Sha page

The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Cur page

Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Clk page

Secret of the Old Clock

Trn page

Last Train to Bluemoon Canyon

Dan page

Danger by Design

Cre page

The Creature of Kapu Cave

Ice page

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

Cry page

Legend of the Crystal Skull

Ven page

The Phantom of Venice

Hau page

The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Ran page

Ransom of the Seven Ships

Wac page

Warnings at Waverly Acadmey

Tot page

Trail of the Twister

Saw page

Shadow at the Water's Edge

Cap page

The Captive Curse

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