This is a list of the games in Her Interactive's main series, the Nancy Drew Adventure Games. Games are discontinued as they become outdated and unable to operate on many people's computers, and physical copies of the more popular games are discontinued when Her Interactive is unable to produce more; however, all of the games besides the first are available for download from Her's website and many other game services.

Trail of the Twister and every game beyond that operate on Mac as well as PC.

Currently, the game is in a hiatus due to unknown issues. The next game scheduled to be released is Midnight in Salem.

List of games Edit

The series is formatted into two different parts: Format 1 and Format 2. This is because of the multiple differences between the Formats. See Interfaces for the changes in interface.

Format 1 (1998-2015) Edit

Format 2 Edit

* = Physical Copies discontinued

Opening Pictures Edit

Format 1 Edit


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