Nefertari (which means "the beautiful one has come") was an ancient Egyptian queen who ruled from 1279 to 1255 BC.

Biography Edit

Nefertari apparently had an epic love with Ramses II, the Pharaoh from 1279 to 1213 BC. Ramses loved her so much that not only did he have her tomb set up with a bunch of elaborate puzzles just to get to the proper burial chamber, but he even had a fake tomb set up in the Valley of the Queens. There is also a temple for her at Abu Simbel.

The fake tomb was found in 1904 with only two kneecaps where she should have been, suggesting that tomb raiders had already gotten to her. This gave her the legendary title of Egypt's "Lost Queen". However, Nancy finds her real body in 2012 when job shadowing at the recently discovered KV67, her tomb, some 100 kilometers outside Cairo.

Due to the mystery surrounding her, an organization called the Daughters of Nefertari came to be, in which every woman in Nefertari's bloodline would try and find her. They usually ended up dying in the process, and a letter would be given to their daughters alerting them of their duty. Jamila El Dine was a member. Professor Hotchkiss writes about her.

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