Nefertari's tomb is the final resting place of one of Egypt's legendary queens.

History Edit

Nefertari's true tomb was discovered around 100 kilometers outside Cairo, Egypt in 2012 by the New York dig team of Kingston University. It was called KV67. The expedition was led by Jon Boyle, and Nancy job-shadowed him, soon stumbling upon a mystery to find out why Jon was attacked with a hit to the head during a sandstorm. The tomb had previously been discovered in 1952, but a violent sandstorm killed off the whole crew. A curse is believed to have been placed upon the tomb. The tomb was also secretly frequented by the Daughters of Nefertari.

The tomb was riddled with many puzzles and cryptograms that would take a while for Nancy to translate, having to use her Egyptian dictionary to look up Egyptian words that could fit in the spaces and then deciphering the cryptograms. It was also constructed with incredible technology. For instance, moving small discs in a panel in one of the rooms would cause the columns in the main chamber to move up and down.

It also is strangely equipped with a very modern wrought-iron gate complete with a very modern key. This is never explained.

Gallery Edit

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