Nick Falcone is the leader of HAD IT, Humans Against the Destruction of Illustrious Theaters.


The Final Scene Edit

In 2001, Nancy meets Nick in St. Louis, Missouri at the Royal Palladium theater which is about to be demolished in three days. This particular theater is personally special to Nick because his grandmother, Louisa Falcone, designed the molds for the beautiful, intricate interior plaster-work that is seen in the lobby and auditorium of the building. J.J. Thompson, the man who built the theater, had hired her for the work, but he didn't have the money to pay her and even claimed she wasn't the one who did the work anyway. She didn't have the resources to sue him and the Great Depresion hit right after, so she was forced to let the issue go without a fight. Despite this, she was able to move on happily with her life and according to her grandson "died at the age of ninety-seven without a bitter bone in her body". Even so, he asks Nancy to keep an eye out for anything that might connect his grandmother to the theater.

The police tell Nancy that Nick had been involved in extreme stunts before, such as strapping himself to demolition equipment and staging a kidnapping with a willing "victim", to stop a theater's demolition. When Nancy asks Joseph Hughes why he allows such a volatile man inside the lobby, he tells her that Nick's practically grown up at the theater and he didn't have the heart to turn him away.

At the end of the game, Nancy discovers that Harry Houdini gave his half of the rights to the Royal Palladium to Nick's grandmother, Louisa Falcone, which means half the Royal Palladium is rightfully Nick's.

Secret of the Scarlet Hand Edit

Nancy quotes him directly when she says, "In the words of Nicholas Falcone, 'Come on! Spill it!'"

Quotes Edit

  • "Fight the Power!"
  • "Does this face say "America's Most Wanted" to you?"