Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist of the nineteenth century.

Biography Edit

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Smiljan, a town in the Austrian Empire which is now Croatia. Tesla was a genius and essentially invented the modern world and far more, but a lot of his discoveries were suppressed in order to keep alive the money making industries that depended on people's need for energy. He is most known for discovering alternating current technologies and the limitless energy that vibrates within the Earth itself. He even built a death ray and machines that could have been applicable by the military, but never wished for anyone to be hurt by them. Tesla simply had an unending desire to learn and create.

Tesla lived past his fame and a lot of his credit went to Thomas Edison, who cared more about the business end of things than providing power for all people. Tesla died alone in his hotel room in New York on January 7, 1943. His documents were seized by the FBI and some of his inventions were destroyed by J. P. Morgan.

The legacy Tesla left did manage to inspire many, including those at the Technology of Tomorrow Today lab in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the city where Tesla worked for a good amount of his life as well. His picture is in the lounge and in Niko Jovic's office.

Tesla lived for his work and was extremely passionate and dedicated to it. He also had some mental health problems such as OCD and possibly schizophrenia, which could have arguably enhanced his performance and legacy. He also developed a love of pigeons at the end of his life, particularly with one that visited his hotel room in New York.

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