Niobe Papadaki is an artist.

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Labyrinth of Lies Edit

Nancy meets Niobe in 2014 when Niobe is playing Demeter, the mother of Persephone, in the play "Persephone in Winter" at the Phidias Cultural Center. Niobe is also the prop manager and stage artist. She tends to focus on her work, is very interested in the museum artifacts and references pieces for on-stage design.

Nancy finds out that Niobe was accused of art forgery in the past. She was pressured into quitting art and getting a new hobby, so she took on acting, which she later regretted full-heartedly after she found out she had no talent for it and an awful case of stage fright.

When Nancy discovers the workshop area, Niobe tells Nancy that she was brought on to decorate the set of the play with replicas of the relics found at the museum. She explains that her "art forgery" came from signing a friend's name on her works to help them with their career. Nancy later learns that Niobe had been threatened into coming to the museum and creating exact replicas of the art, as opposed to similar copies, so that Thanos Ganas could smuggle them out. After Grigor Karakinos pleads guilty, Niobe is given probation and tries to make her way back into the art world.

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