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Lights, Camera, Curses!




Z. B. Collingwood
Jorge Jackson (2008 remake)


Molly McKenna (2008 remake)


Lois Manson
Sam Patton
Eda Brooks (2008 remake)


January 25, 1937

Pharaoh was a movie directed by Z. B. Collingwood in 1936. Toward the end of production, the star, Lois Manson, who played Nefertiti, was fatally bitten by a snake while filming. The film released in 1937, but Collingwood had the set bulldozed over, hiding away the footage of Manson's death and Nefertiti's Jewel of Karnak, which was used in the film.

Lights, Camera, Curses! Edit

In 2008, the film is being remade with Eda Brooks as Nefertiti. Accidents plague the production of the film, causing many to believe that there's a curse upon the set, and bringing Nancy Drew to the set to investigate. It turned out that the financier, Arthur Hitchens, was responsible for the accidents to spread publicity and Eda was feeding the black cat prowling around. Depending on what ending the player gets in Lights, Camera, Curses!, the film is either a flop or a huge success, all hinging on whether or not the Jewel of Karnak is found. The film is produced by Molly McKenna and directed by Jorge Jackson.

Warnings at Waverly Academy Edit

A DVD of Pharaoh can be seen on the table in the rec room.


A poster for Pharaoh in Secrets Can Kill: Remastered.

Secrets Can Kill Remastered Edit

A poster for the film can be seen.

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