Dr. Quigley Kim is an entomologist. She graduated from Waverly Academy in 1991.[1]

Biography Edit

The Creature of Kapu Cave Edit

Dr. Kim goes to the Big Island of Hawaii in order to study the island's bugs. She soon discovered that the norsobeta orderata moth was multiplying at an unheard of rate and sent out an ad for an assistant, who ended up being Nancy Drew.

Dr. Kim's camp was soon trashed by Malachi Craven in a fit of rage when he suspected her of spying on him for a competitor, which he was correct about. Nancy has to redo Dr. Kim's study, but finds the same results. Dr. Kim's hopes of fame and fortune, however, don't pan out when Nancy and Frank Hardy discover that the moths are thriving because they are eating fritillated flag beetles imported by Mike Mapu.

Trivia Edit

  • Quigley tends to digress a lot in her speeches.
  • Quigley doesn't like using audio recorders to take notes because she dislikes the nasal quality it gives her voice.



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