Renee Amande is Bruno Bolet's housekeeper.

Biography Edit

When her employer, Bruno Bolet, somehow acquired the crystal skull known as the Whisperer, Renee was excited. She believed that all thirteen crystal skulls would bring humanity into a better understanding of the universe when they were reunited. She knew that she would fulfill the Whisperer's destiny properly, and scorned the way that Bruno only kept it for its supposed power to grant its bearer immortality.

Renee formed a plan to acquire the skull by urging Bruno to have it sent to an authenticator. She then forged a note claiming that the skull was a fake, hoping that Bruno would simply hand it over to her if he thought it was worthless. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, Bruno was so shocked by the letter's contents that he had a heart attack and died.

Legend of the Crystal Skull Edit

When Bruno's only living relative, his grand-nephew Henry Bolet, arrives to get his affairs in order, Renee continues to perform her housekeeping duties under the pretense of completing all the work she was paid to do. In reality, she's searching the house top to bottom for the crystal skull, which Bruno had hid well before his death.

When Nancy finds Dr. Bolet's hidden crystal skull, Renee takes it from her and leaves her in the hidden area below Bruno's grave where she found the skull. Nancy escapes and follows Renee out to the swamp, where she is preparing to disappear on her motorboat. However, Bernie the alligator pushes the boat, causing Renee to fall and fling the skull into the air, after which it lands in Bernie's mouth. Renee is too crestfallen to get away after that, and Nancy calls to police to arrest her, probably for forging the authenticator's note.