Ryan Kilpatrick is the technical engineer at Technology of Tomorrow Today in Colorado Springs.

Biography Edit

The Deadly Device Edit

Ryan is originally arrested for the murder of Niko Jovic in 2012, but is let go because there is not enough evidence. When the lab's owner, Victor Lossett, hires Nancy to go undercover, he pushes for Ryan to be investigated.

Ryan had built the Tesla coil that killed Niko with special wiring that he requested, despite warning him repeatedly that such wiring would kill him (he took these as "threats"). When he died, she felt so guilty she destroyed the piece she manufactured. Deirdre eventually clears Ryan's name when she finds a photo through a photography database that shows a clock behind Ryan as she accepts an award, proving that she couldn't have made back to the lab in time for the murder.

Towards the end of the game, Ryan even helps Nancy with the case by giving her her access card and distracting Victor when Nancy needs to go into Niko's office.

Notes Edit

  • Ryan loves gummy bears and has a red motorcycle.
  • Personality-wise, she resembles Bess.