The Ryokan Hiei is a traditional inn located at the Misawa stop in Kyoto, Japan near the base of Mount Hiei. It looks exactly as it would have in the 18th Century.

History Edit

The Ryokan had been passed down from mother to oldest daughter in the Shimizu family. A great tragedy happened, though, and Kasumi Shimizu died. The family was never really the same since then, and neither was the ryokan. Tourists started to come hearing it was haunted, but even they were scared away by strange phenomenon. A ghost hunter, Savannah Woodham, wrote about the ryokan in one of her books and asked insensitive questions to the family. When Savannnah saw how much she thought the ryokan was haunted she fled. Before she left, she gave the ryokan a certificate of approval saying that the ryokan was not haunted and that there was no danger, even though she knew there was.

When Yumi Shimizu was still working at the Ryokan she wrote a flyer saying: "Surrounding by breathtaking views you'll not soon forget - the Ryokan Hiei opens the door to a simpler time. Perfect for the business traveler hoping to experience traditional Japan, or the family in search of that perfect vacation. Ryokan Hiei - discover Japan, discover you."

In 2010, P. G. Krolmeister sends Nancy on a vacation to the ryokan, and she discovers Kasumi's letters describing her wish of bringing her daughters closer together. Nancy helps the family and repairs the ryokan's reputation.

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