Scoop is an ice cream shop owned by congresswoman Antonia "Toni" Scallari. It is located in River Heights, Illinois. Toni uses the shop to stay connected to her voters.

History Edit

Scoop is a popular hangout for many of the town's teenagers. It has tables indoors, but also has small tables each surrounded by four chairs outside in case anyone would like to enjoy their frozen treats in the sun. In the back of the shop is a word game that customers can play as well as a door used to receive deliveries. On the left side of the room is the counter where customer's take their orders and a back room used for storage. On the right wall is a labeled map of the city.

Alibi in Ashes Edit

Bess Marvin in particular loves to visit Scoop, and has become Toni's favorite customer. This gives Bess a special advantage when interrogating Toni. When she's not talking with the shop's owner, Bess sits outside eating bowl after bowl of ice cream as a cover for spying on Deirdre Shannon, who is enjoying Scoop's milkshakes at a table across from Bess.

While snooping through Toni's back room, the player can find signs with Toni's name on them, an accelerant, and a locked filing cabinet. Should the player pick the lock with one of Nancy's lock picking kits, they'll find all sorts of documents, including one that notes how much trouble Nancy has caused the city. When snooping behind the counter, the player can find pictures of Town Hall, a key, and an ice cube tray that creates snowflake-shaped ice cubes. Toni says that she found the trays at a shop that Deirdre told her about, and that hers is the only shop that has such unique ice cubes.

Notes Edit

  • Nancy has a framed picture of Ned in her room that looks like it was taken outside Scoop.
  • Scoop has around twenty-six flavors of ice cream, including "Bacon Blast" and "Moon Chunk".
  • At the end of Alibi in Ashes, the bill for all the ice cream "Team Danger" may have eaten during the game is shown during the credits.
Scoop Menu

Scoop's Menu

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