Secret of the Old Clock

Game #


Written by

Anne Collins
Max Holechek

Directed by

Mike Paganini

Guest Cast

Sarah Papineau
Walayn Sharples
Tim Moore
Ben Laurance


July 12, 2005


Titusville, Illinois

Previous Game

Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Next Game

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

Secret of the Old Clock is the twelfth game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #1: Secret of the Old Clock, as well as #2: The Hidden Staircase, #3: The Bungalow Mystery, and #4: The Mystery at Lilac Inn.


Outwit a criminal before time runs out!

You, as Nancy Drew, have been asked to visit Emily Crandall in Titusville, Illinois, a girl whom you only know through a mutual friend, Helen Corning. You arrive at the Lilac Inn, which Emily is currently running after her mother's death and Emily also wants you to safeguard her mother's jewelry at your father's bank. You find out that Emily and her mother had been counting on the generosity of their kind but strange neighbor, Josiah Crowley, to leave them part of his estate to help support the inn they own. But in his will, everything was left to Richard Topham, his ESP teacher. A contested will, a suffering girl and suspicious psychics - can you solve the mystery before time runs out?

  • Drive Nancy's classic blue Roadster
  • Explore Titusville
  • Play miniature golf


Emily CrandallEdit

Emily's mother has recently died. She is a 17-year-old girl who lives at the Lilac Inn and also runs it. However, she is nervous and distracted, often hearing and seeing strange things. At times she's worried that she's going insane.

Jane WilloughbyEdit

Jane was a friend of Emily's mother, and traveled to Lilac Inn to become Emily's guardian until the girl turns 18. She used to be a seamstress with Emily's mother. She feels sorry for Emily but isn't sure how to help her or run a business in Depression-era times.

Richard TophamEdit

Richard is a self-proclaimed (and self-important) psychic. He currently lives next door to the Lilac Inn, in the house formerly owned by deceased Josiah Crowley, and has inherited all of Crowley's possessions despite Crowley's plans to leave some things to Emily and her mother.

Jim ArcherEdit

Jim is Emily's banker. His bank is starting to fall under due to the recent deppresion. In the books, Jim Archer was Helen Corning's husband.

Phone FriendsEdit

The phone is located on the wall outside the inn, although Nancy will have to spend a nickel every time she uses it.

Carson DrewEdit

Carson is Nancy's father. He can give her advice if she's a Junior Detective.

Bess Marvin and George FayneEdit

Bess and George are cousins and good friends of Nancy. They have to share a line with Mrs. Farthingham, Bess' nosy neighbor who constantly interrupts conversations between Nancy, Bess, and George.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Interactive was originally supposed to have 12 games.



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