Secrets Can Kill: REMASTERED

Game #


Written by

Story by: Anna Roth
Lisa Smith
Script by: Robert Riedl

Directed by

Tim Burke

Guest Cast

John Truong
Chris Maxfield
Ulric Dihle
Brenda Joyner
Daniel Guttenberg
Simon Choule


August 24, 2010

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Stay Tuned for Danger

In 2010, to celebrate the eightieth year since the first Nancy Drew book came out, Her Interactive re-released Secrets Can Kill with updated graphics, new puzzles, only one disc, of course, contest winning artwork and photos, vintage Nancy Drew references ranging from artwork to titles, a new suspect and a brand new ending!!! It is also available for Mac as well as PC. Unfortunately, they cut out the Master Detective difficulty level, which they could have implemented since they no longer use the New Game book. Apparently this game actually takes place in 2010 (with Nancy time traveling again, or rather, the first time) as Nancy has a very high-tech cell phone. This is probably the legitimate "Secrets Can Kill" in the universe as it is much more realistic in a number of aspects. The game's "color" became the teal that represented Nancy Drew on Her Interactive's website (before 2009 - the company's color was a maroon/burgundy mixture by the time this game came out).


Nancy takes a semester off (this was probably her last year in high school) to visit her aunt Eloise in Paseo del Mar, Florida, and also decides to go 12 years into the future. Eloise is the librarian at the local high school, Paseo del Mar High School. A student, Jake Rogers, ends up dead at the bottom of some stairs in the school! This plunges Nancy into "another" case (the user's guide for the Gameboy Advance version of Message in a Haunted Mansion says that Nancy helped her friend Emily Foxworth in a previous case, so maybe that was it). A police detective, Detective Beech, finds out about Nancy wanting to play detective for real, and asks her to go undercover as a student to investigate the murder, officially starting her career.


Nancy only encounters four students, three of which are actually in the building. It is most likely after school, and these people are hanging out. The girl at the back of the hall on the cover is most likely Nancy.

Daryl GrayEdit

Daryl works at Maxine's Diner. He's the one who found Jake's body. He is also the student body president.

Connie WatsonEdit

Connie is a student who is a bit evasive and who didn't like Jake, but she says nobody did.

Hal TanakaEdit

Hal is a Japanese student who is trying to become a doctor. He studies too hard, but he will have to go back to Japan if he does not get a scholarship.

Hector "Hulk" SanchezEdit

Hulk is the school's best football player who is a bit pushy and secluded.

Detective BeechEdit

Detective Beech is a detective, obviously, that Nancy is working with.

Phone FriendsEdit

Nancy uses a cell phone that can be accessed by an icon at the bottom of the screen.

Ned NickersonEdit

Ned is Nancy's boyfriend. He can give her advice. In fact, true to the original version, that's all he does - if she's a Junior Detective.

Also, you might like to try some other numbers in the game, such as the pizza place, the drug depot, Maxine's Diner, Aunt Eloise's house (the number on the phone card), and the police department.



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