Simone Mueller is a Hollywood agent for Brady Armstrong.

History Edit

The Final Scene Edit

In 2001, Nancy meets Simone at the Royal Palladium Theater. She and her client, actor Brady Armstrong, are there for the premiere of his new movie, Vanishing Destiny. When she hears that Maya Nguyen has been kidnapped, Simone instantly tries to think of ways to publicize the premiere with it. She thinks the tragedy is a wonderful opportunity for her star to become a knight in shining armor to the girl's rescue. Needless to say, Nancy doesn't much like her.

She informs the press about the kidnapping and how Brady is "deeply concerned" and will do everything he can to solve the mystery. She creates missing posters that are little more than advertisements for Brady and decides that a wreath of funeral flowers from the kidnapper would be a good idea for publicity, so she makes a fake one.

At the end of the game, she receives an official reprimand from the National Press Corps for her stunt with the wreath.

Resorting to Danger! Edit

In 2009, Nancy discovers that Simone is also Jasmine Ivy's agent. Simone recommends that Jasmine play up the threats she's getting for publicity. In the event that Jasmine is the one placing the bombs, Simone sells the story for six figures within a week.

Secrets Can Kill: Remastered Edit

In the library search engine, it says she wrote a book called Sensation and Public Opinion.

Shadow at the Water's Edge Edit

The lobby computer says a Mueller stayed in room 12 at the Ryokan Hiei.

Notes Edit

  • She has a cat named Miss Sparkles.
  • She met Brady Armstrong on Sunset Boulevard, while he was working at a Coneydog stand at 7 am.
  • She suggests the stage names Fancy Jackson and Samantha Quick for Nancy, suggesting that she may have met Samantha Quick before.

Quotes Edit

  • "We want the press to know just how heartless the kidnapper is, don't we? Then it's all the more fabulous when Brady saves the day."
  • "Why don't you tell that little grey troll that I think he did it. Just to keep himself from dying of boredom in this old dump. That's my comment."
  • "I may have to cut this short, Hal, someone just climbed outta of my wardrobe."
  • "Put a sock in it, Mr. Camouflage."