This page is about Her Interactive's projects other than the main adventure or Dossier Nancy Drew games.

In 2007, Her released The Cody Capers: Cody Pops the Case. The description was "Mysterious bubbles are invading the neighborhood! Never fear though! Cody, a curious canine with an overactive imagination, is on the case. Pop groups of doggy treats to clear the screen and stay on the culprit's trail!". It presumably had low sales as Her has hardly mentioned it since its release and the game is no longer listed on their site.

In 2009, Her released a Hardy Boys game for the Nintendo DS called Treasure on the Tracks.

In 2011, Her released a "gamebook" called Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The game is similar to an ebook but is also interactive. It stars Nancy as she vacations to Shadow Ranch with Bess and George and happens upon a mystery. Sometimes the reader/player will be taken from the text into game environments to play minigames or to find hidden items. Shadow Ranch was intended to be the first in a series called Nancy Drew: Mobile Mysteries, with the second game being Castle Finster; however, the series was cancelled.

In 2016, Her Interactive released Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues for iOS tablets/smartphones, Androids and Kindles. It was the first release under their Her Interactive Kids division. The game is the first in a series featuring a younger Nancy who uses coding to solve mysteries.

Her Interactive also published The Vampire Diaries in 1996 (based on L. J. Smith's books) and a game called McKenzie & Company in 1995. Copies of these are very hard to find.

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