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Takae Nagai is Kasumi Shimizu's mother and the grandmother of Yumi and Miwako Shimizu.

Shadow at the Water's EdgeEdit

In 2010, when Nancy first arrives at the Ryokan Hiei, in Kyoto, Japan, a portrait next to the front desk falls and smashes on the floor, deeply upsetting Takae. She orders her granddaughter Miwako to tell Nancy to leave, but she checks Nancy in anyway, mentioning that the portrait is of her mother, and is Takae's favorite portrait of Kasumi.

After this initial encounter, Nancy can find Takae in one of the rooms teaching classes in the traditional arts. She apologizes to Nancy for her rude behavior and offers to teach Nancy calligraphy, origami, and the basics of the traditional tea ceremony. Takae greatly respects tradition, and insists that her eldest granddaughter, Yumi, must return to run the ryokan, as per the tradition of passing down ownership of the ryokan from mother to eldest daughter. Unfortunately for Takae, Yumi couldn't care less about tradition and ran off to live in the city instead. Although Miwako works hard for the ryokan and enjoys doing so, Takae never notices her hard work, choosing instead to focus on her granddaughters' birth order.

George informs Nancy that Yumi says Takae didn't believe in the supernatural until recently, but now truly believes that her daughter Kasumi is still at the ryokan as a scared, angry yurei. But like everyone else at ryokan, Takae refuses to speak about her daughter's death or the hauntings. As Nancy continues to explore the ryokan, she eventually discovers a secret passageway that leads to the hidden baths. After Nancy is attacked by a robotic yurei, she asks Takae to tell her what really happened to Kasumi. Takae reluctantly tells Nancy that the night Kasumi died, she was going to see her friend Maryanne. Takae didn't like Maryanne because she always wound Kasumi up to leave the ryokan and see the world, so Takae pretended to be sick in order to prevent Kasumi from seeing her friend. It was Takae's job to clean the older of the two baths, a task she never before allowed Kasumi to handle since it can be very slippery, requiring knowledge of precisely where to walk. Kasumi slipped, possibly hitting her head, and ended up drowning. At first, Nancy thinks that Takae must be behind the hauntings, but although Takae can't bear the thought of her granddaughters leaving the ryokan -and therefor, her- she could never resort to scaring them with fake Kasumi hauntings.

Nancy then realizes that the robotic yurei contained machine parts that Rentaro was working on. Rentaro had wanted to force Miwako to leave the ryokan and move to the city with him. It can be assumed that when Takae learned about Rentaro's treachery, she gave him quite an earful.

Trivia Edit

  • If Nancy enters Takae's classroom but doesn't speak to her, Takae will soon start nodding off and snoring.
  • Takae is very strict. Rentaro informs Nancy that she can dish out some pretty intense lectures, and that he's been on the receiving end of quite a few of them.
  • Takae loves Ryokan Hiei more than anywhere she's ever been and anyone she's ever met. Her favorite place at the ryokan is its gardens.

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