Taylor Sinclair is an art dealer in Washington DC.

Biography Edit

Secret of the Scarlet Hand Edit

In 2002, Taylor meets Nancy while she is interning at the Beech Hill Museum. He is concerned about the museum and recent thefts from other places. Later, the Pacal carving is stolen from the museum.

Through Nancy's investigation, she finds out that Taylor took a trip with Henrik van der Hune in the 70s and learned of the Whisperer. Nancy decides to find her before Taylor does and assembles the keys to the monolith, but Taylor shows up to lock her inside after taking the fake writings. She escapes and Taylor is sent to prison.

Trivia Edit

  • Taylor once visited Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Taylor is Poppy Dada's former art dealer.
  • Taylor's nickname is Big Bunny.

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