Technology of Tomorrow Today is a laboratory in the Rocky Mountains nearby Colorado Springs, Colorado. Its work is heavily influenced by Nikola Tesla and was owned by Victor Lossett. It primarily researches electricity.

History Edit

The Deadly Device Edit

In 2012, Niko Jovic, one of the top scientists, is killed by a Tesla coil soon after rediscovering wireless energy. Victor hires Nancy to investigate, pushing her to focus on Ryan Kilpatrick, the technical engineer who built the coil that killed Niko. Also employed at the facility are Gray Cortright, the gruff, unfriendly security guard, and research assistants Mason Quinto and Ellie York, both of whom apparently detest each other.

Nancy eventually discovers that Victor killed Niko because he did not want Niko to give away such valuable wireless energy research; he instead wanted to sell it and receive a huge profit. He had spoken with Deirdre Shannon, who said some very unflattering things about Nancy's skills, and decided to hire the sleuth in the hopes that she would get Ryan arrested quickly and thus end the investigation.

Shadow at the Water's Edge Edit

The 2010 expo George and Bess attended in Kyoto, Japan was called the Technology of Tomorrow Expo. It was also attened by Savannah Woodham and her assistant, Logan Mitchell.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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