Blackwood Society
The Blackwood Society is a secret tradition at Waverly Academy started by Rita Hallowell. The seven members wear black cloaks and go to meeting spots without knowing who any of the others are, and recite the same chant. Hallowell wanted it to be remembered, even if the girls didn't know what it meant, because she knew that someday, someone would use it to find Edgar Allan Poe's final writings.
Blackwood Leader

At the end of the year, a new leader is sent a message about the society and a blue cloak and is told to pick new members.

The chant is, "Three is fine but five is more. Even Even nineteen defeats four. Should just seven become lore, at least two will find the door."

Warnings at Waverly Academy Edit

Blackwood Society - Trailer

The Blackwood Society in the Warnings at Waverly Academy trailer.

In 2009, Izzy Romero is the leader. Mel Corbalis is also a member.