The Captive Curse is the 24th game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based off of Nancy Drew Mystery Stories Number 64: The Captive Witness. It was promoted with a video web series called "Postcards from Germany", and it comes on one DVD Rom instead of two CD Roms.


Escape the clutches of a legendary monster!

For centuries, a legendary monster has terrorized residents of a Bavarian castle, called Castle Finster, in Germany. According to the legend, the monster will vanish for years at a time until, without warning, it reappears to claim its next victim. So far every victim it has claimed has been a young woman, reputed to be wearing a peculiar jeweled necklace at the time of her disappearance. Markus Boehm, the owner of Castle Finster, has now asked you, as Nancy Drew to discover the truth behind recent monster sightings, before the monster can strike again. As you delves deeper into the case, you begin to fear that someone in the castle plans for you to be the monster's next victim.

  • Explore a German castle and delve into German culture
  • Plug into castle security cameras
  • Uncover hidden rooms and secret passages
  • Play a German folk tale game


Karl WeschlerEdit

Karl is the Bürgermeister, the "master" of the castle. He usually stays secluded in his office, and is extremely worried about the monster problem, although he tries not to show it so that his attitude won't affect the castle's residents.

Anja MittelmeierEdit

Anja is the castle's Castellan, who runs the gift shop and is in charge of various other aspects. She's trying to maintain a good attitude as well, but feels as though something is innately wrong.

Lukas MittelmeierEdit

Lukas is the son of the head of security, and Anja's nephew. Being left alone most of the time, he usually finds a way to get into trouble, which most of the time relies on playing pranks on Karl.

Renate StollerEdit

Renate is a traveling storyteller who is currently staying at the castle. She's brusque but full of stories and wisdom, and seems to have a history at the castle.

Phone FriendsEdit

Nancy uses a cell phone that can be accessed by an icon at the bottom of the screen, although it doesn't get much reception in the castle, so she has to call people on a land line in her room. She can get hints from an app called the Hint Hotline that Ned installed on her phone if she's a Junior Detective.

Ned NickersonEdit

Ned is Nancy's boyfriend.

Frank HardyEdit

Frank is another detective Nancy knows. His brother, Joe, is with Ned, but she can never talk to him in this game.

Markus BoehmEdit

Markus is the owner of the castle who simply wants Nancy to find the monster and doesn't really value her work.