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The Hardy Boys
Frank and JoeLIE
Joe (right) and Frank (left)
Frank Hardy
Joseph Hardy
Bayport, Ohio
ATAC/The Network
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
The Creature of Kapu Cave
Treasure on the Tracks
Midnight in Salem
Fenton Hardy (Father)
Nancy Drew
Bess Marvin
George Fayne
Ned Nickerson
Samantha Quick
Tino Balducci
Voiced by
Frank and Joe Hardy are two detective brothers who know Nancy very well and solved cases for her. They work for The Network (formerly ATAC - American Teens Against Crime) which is usually where they get their cases from. Nancy can talk to them on the phone. The Hardy Boys are from Bayport, Ohio.

It has been suggested many times that Frank is in love with Nancy.

History Edit

Secret of the Scarlet Hand Edit

Frank and Joe are in River Heights on their way back to Bayport, where they visit Bess and George. They then use their car phone.

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Edit

Frank and Joe are bored not having a mystery, so they call Bess. Although Bess doesn't recognize their number on her new Caller ID, George does.

The Haunted Carousel Edit

Joe is jealous of Nancy because she gets to solve a mystery at an amusement park.

Danger on Deception Island Edit

Frank and Joe are watching after a dog they found named Goldie while their owner is coming to pick it up.

The Secret of Shadow Ranch Edit

Frank and Joe are forced to find the laptop of the son of one of their mother's friends.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor Edit

Frank and Joe are busy helping their neighbor set up a new flat-screen TV.

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Edit

In 2005, Frank and Joe are invited on a train trip by Lori Girard (whose father is a friend of their father), a socialite who had the train restored, because their dads knew each other. Lori's goal is to find out what happened to the train's original owner. Knowing how much Nancy loves mysteries, the Hardy Boys invited her on the train as their guest. The player gets to play as Frank for one puzzle and make burgers at a diner.
Joe and Frank

Joe (left) and Frank (right).

The Creature of Kapu Cave Edit

In 2006, Nancy runs into Frank and Joe in Hawaii. They are taking surfing lessons from Pua Mapu in order to try and find out if she's okay to be used in an advertisement for Richard Aikens. However, they end up tying into Nancy's mystery of the disappearing pineapple crop and the massive amount of webs. Nancy can call them throughout the game to switch to them and play as both Frank and Joe.
Frank and Joe

Frank (right) and Joe (left)

The Phantom of Venice Edit

Ned stays with the Hardys to do research while Frank is snowshoeing. However, Joe "tinkers" with Ned's car and destroys it.

Treasure on the Tracks/Trail of the Twister Edit

In 2010, Frank and Joe are invited on another train trip, this time to solve the mystery of the Romanov family treasure. They also work with Samantha Quick.
The events of this game are actually happening when Nancy calls them in Trail of the Twister.

The Captive Curse Edit

Joe comforts Ned after his fight with Nancy, while Frank talks with Nancy.

The Deadly Device Edit

While Nancy is in Colorado, they are on a submarine investigating a pirate syndicate.

Voices Edit

Frank Edit

  • Joshua Silwa (2002-2003)
  • Wayne Rawley (2003-2005)
  • Jonah von Spreecken (2006-present)

Joe Edit

  • Rob Jones (2002-present)

Appearances Edit

Phone Friend Edit

Seen/Playable Edit

Quotes Edit

Frank Hardy Edit

  • "I get your drift, Joe. I have lived with your drift for years. I'm saddled with your drift." -Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
  • "If my brother sued someone every time he got smacked upside the head, we’d be in court for decades." -The Creature of Kapu Cave
  • "Oh, that's awful. That officially qualifies as a terrible day. Anything I can say to cheer you up?" -The Captive Curse
  • "It's... good to see you two back together." -The Captive Curse
  • "Nancy! Please be careful! I just want to tell you that I've always-" -The Deadly Device
  • "Apparently the FBI doesn't like explaining that they get help from America's teens." -Labyrinth of Lies

Joe Hardy Edit

  • "The only thing better than being a detective is being a spy!" -Secret of the Scarlet Hand
  • "Sandwich. Either roast beef or really old turkey. Can't tell. Don't care." - Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
  • "Why, that's wonderful, Nancy. Attempted murder never fails to boosy my spirits, either." -The Haunted Carousel
  • "Nah. That's the worst part about being a detective, ya know? No matter how creepy something seems, there always turns out to be a logical explanation." -The Haunted Carousel
  • "Do not eat a hot dog before you ride anything that spins around." -The Haunted Carousel
  • "I've always found it difficult to trust anyone who has an engineering degree. They think they know everything. They're dangerous. Plus they make me feel stupid." -The Haunted Carousel
  • "Well, boys and girls, can you say 'insurance fraud'?" -The Haunted Carousel
  • "New word, boys and girls. Can you say 'motive'?" -The Haunted Carousel
  • "Cheeseburger." -Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
  • "Dear Nancy Drew, I am glad you and Ned are back together. You go together like peanut butter and jelly. When you're apart, it's like peanut butter and sadness. Or jelly and uncomfortable silences. Either way, you're looking at a sandwich that no one wants and probably no one will buy it ever. A world where Ned and Nancy are not together as a couple is as disturbing as it is dangerous to the quantum makeup of our interstellar plane of reality-" -The Captive Curse
  • "The more you correct me, the more I shall rebel!" -The Deadly Device
  • "Tear down the velvet ropes standing in the way of your wordmagination!" -The Deadly Device
  • "Whoa, a murder! I am flabber-worried!" -The Deadly Device
  • "Slept on a flight? What witchcraft is this? She's a witch! Burn her!" -Labyrinth of Lies
  • "I do not consort with witches!" -Labyrinth of Lies
  • "How have I lived this long without knowing how fun reckless accusations are!" -Labyrinth of Lies
  • "Hmm. Perhaps you should try stepping into water and letting me know if you float." -Labyrinth of Lies
  • "I don't see a 'you must be this old to solve a crime' sign anywhere." -Labyrinth of Lies
  • "ATAC FORVER!" -Labyrinth of Lies

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