The Lilac Inn is located in Titusville, Illinois. The Lilac Inn is quite famous for its delicious chocolate, cherry, and blueberry pies.


It and Josiah Crowley's house (which was next door) were built by two brothers in the Civil War, connecting the two buildings with an underground tunnel.

The Secret of the Old ClockEdit

In 1908 Gloria Crandall transformed the place into a hotel and pie shop. In 1930, a month after Gloria dies and her seventeen-year-old daughter Emily is left trying to run the inn, the kitchen explodes. While everyone is distracted by the resulting fire, the jewelry Emily inherited from her mother goes missing. Nancy investigates and finds out that Emily's guardian, Jane Willoughby, isn't really Jane at all, but instead an impostor named Marion Aborn, who stole the jewels and blew up the kitchen. She also did her best to convince Emily she was going crazy in order to push her into selling the inn, so she could get a cut of the profits. She made use of the underground tunnel leading behind a wall in Emily's room, whispering and knocking things off the walls.

Nancy exposes who she really is just before Marion flees, going after her in a high speed car chase until Marion crashes into the inn's pie delivery truck. Nancy also finds Josiah Crowley's real will, which leaves Emily enough money to keep the inn.

Trivia Edit

  • A hobo symbol meaning "a kind woman lives here" is carved on the right wall of the entryway, most likely referring to Gloria.
  • If Nancy straightens the picture in Emily's room enough times, the picture will say "I'm just tickled pink".

Gallery Edit


The brothers who built the houses, standing in the underground tunnel.

Lilac Inn 2

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