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Monolith 2
The monolith is a massive block of stone acquired by Beech Hill Museum for their Maya exhibit in 2002 after it was recently excavated in a cave near Palenque.

While translating the glyphs on it, Henrik van der Hune realized that it was the prison of The Whisperer, the woman he had heard about from a shaman 30 years earlier.

It reads:

A curse upon you who beholds this terror

The evil deeds of the Whisperer of Silent Secrets remain undead

Within this prison of stone

Broken only when the four corners of the world are bound together

When the first king ascends the throne again

When the last Copan fool has labored til the end of time

Monolith 1
Monolith 3
King Pacal had hidden the six keys to the monolith around the western world. Henrik tried to get all of the jade keys to the monolith to protect the Whisperer's writings from being sold on the black market, but Taylor Sinclair was beating him to it.

Copan Fool Key

The Copan fool key, only recently dug up by smugglers.

Pacal Key

The Pacal key.

North Key

The North key. Taylor Sinclair stole the original from Chaco Canyon Cultural Center in New Mexico, so Nancy made a mold out of the cast it came in.

East Key

The East key. It was discovered on Cocos Island near Costa Rica in 1753. Nancy got it from Poppy Dada's painting "Deadly Midnight Snack".

South Key

The South key. Taylor Sinclair stole the original from Prudence Rutherford, so Nancy got her insurance company's copy. Prudence inherited it, most likely from Archibald Rutherford.

West Key

The West key. It was found in 1652 in Cuba.

Diego de Landa

El Toro put the west monolith key in a design on Dread Isle after his fleet crashed there in 1669, indicating that he had seen it in Spain.

Cube Key

When put together, the keys make a big cube that goes in holes that appear in the monolith when the tzolkin calendar stones are turned to 6 lamat. Somehow, the key (probably a replica) makes its way to Paris in Danger by Design.

The Open Monolith

The monolith while open. It has another compartment in the wall on the left containing the real writings.

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