The Redondo is a luxurious spa in northern California that celebrities often go to. It started out as the family home of Dr. Adrian and Scarlotta Bell in 1870, but they converted it into a sanitarium when their son Hippocrates was born in 1883.

In 2009, non-lethal bombs keep exploding around the Redondo, causing the manager, Nick Bleski, to hire Nancy to investigate what is going on.

Microsite Edit

On the Redondo Website it says: "The Redondo is currently remodeling to upgrade to the latest in cutting edge treatments and technologies. Our $1.8 million dollar rejuvenation includes a new vitality pool, gold leaf ceilings, and infusing all the waterways with lavender. We are still committed to providing our clients with unparalleled service and luxurious accommodations during this project."

The website also advertises Krolmeister Nail Lacquer colors called 'Jade Tiger', 'Ivory Charm', and 'Scarlet Slipper', referencing the Nancy Drew books The Mystery of the Jade Tiger, The Mystery of the Ivory Charm, and The Scarlet Slipper Mystery respectively.

The site had testimonials from clients of the Redondo, all of which have been in Nancy Drew games:

  • Jasmine Ivy- "The treatments were just what I needed to calm my theatrical soul. Every true actor needs rest in order to maximize their thespian potential."
  • Lori Girard- "When my daddy told me that he was going to give me one of my credit cards back I went to the Redondo first thing. And it was totally awesome! Just going there made people think I was sophisticated and poised!"
  • Molly McKenna- "This is the perfect place to relax and gather all your senses after spending all day on the set. They take care of you here and I don’t have to worry about anything for once."
  • Mrs. Montague- "Mr. Mingles and I are used to nothing but the BEST service and the Redondo was, for the most part, no exception. Spending time in the jungle room spa was very rejuvenating."
  • La Contessa Margherita Fauberg- "I hardly expected my American accommodations to be to my liking, but I was nicely surprised. Not to mention happy to be the tannest person in the building."

Also on the site, people could take a virtual tour of the lobby of the Redondo and win a bookmark.

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