The Royal Palladium is a theater which started out as a place of performance for many magicians, including Harry Houdini.

History Edit

In 1925, Harry Houdini performed the risky Escape from the Watery Grave magic trick. J. J. Thompson didn't think he could do it and had placed a bet with him, but when he didn't have the money, Thompson gave Houdini 50% ownership of the theater. Houdini gave his to Louisa Falcone, the woman who designed the walls in the theater, but she never signed the contract.

The theater was remodeled in 1956, and the new blueprints did not show the secret rooms, as they had been forgotten.

The Royal Palladium eventually turned to screening movies. It was going to be demolished in 2001 following its last screening, the premiere of Vanishing Destiny (which starred the secret heir to the theater, Brady Armstrong); however, the premiere was postponed when Maya Nguyen was kidnapped from within it as a ransom to save the theater. In her investigation, not only did Nancy find Maya, but she found the unsigned contract as well, saving the theater from demolition.

Trivia Edit

  • The Stage Technician's Guide can be found through the Paseo del Mar library search engine.

Gallery Edit

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