The Screaming Banshee Inn was established in 1605. It is located by Castle Malloy, in Bailor, Ireland. In 1611 The Ten Raven Pub was designed after The Screaming Banshee Inn. Caitlin Malloy operated the Inn and had game machines, that used special shamrock coins, put in. The Inn was named after an old Irish folktale.

The Haunting of Castle Malloy Edit

In the game Nancy goes to The Screaming Banshee Inn to talk to Donal Delaney, the caretaker, about Matt Simmons' disappearance. Donal likes to hang out there and dink his favorite beverage, the Crow's Nest. Nancy gets to act as a bartender and make drinks for the people there. And She can act as a drummer for the band there, so she can find things out from Donal.

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