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The Secret of Shadow Ranch

Game #


Written by

Anne Collins

Directed by


Guest Cast

David S. Hogan
Amy Broomhall
Jonah von Spreekin
Stephen Hando
Julie Rawley
Shannon Kipp
John Nelson


August 30, 2004


Shadow Ranch, Arizona

Previous Game

Danger on Deception Island

Next Game

Curse of Blackmoor Manor

The Secret of Shadow Ranch is the tenth game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #5: The Secret of Shadow Ranch. The interface changed with it.


Bess and George's aunt and uncle, Ed and Bet Rawley, have invited them and Nancy to Shadow Ranch, their ranch in Arizona! Nancy arrives safely, but Bess and George are a no-show, and Ed has been bitten by a rattlesnake that showed up in his room! The accident is said to be connected to a glowing white horse that mysteriously appeared on the same night - the horse of a Wild West outlaw whose treasure might still be hidden nearby. Of course, Nancy takes on the case!


Dave GregoryEdit

Dave is the hard-working ranch foreman. He's polite, serious, and honest, but doesn't talk much. It seems he has a slight crush on Nancy.

Tex BrittenEdit

Tex is in charge of the horses at Shadow Ranch and takes his job extremely seriously. Brusque and ornery, he's difficult to talk to and openly dislikes "city slickers", including Nancy and her friends.

Shorty ThurmondEdit

The cook at the ranch, Shorty more than makes up for Dave and Tex's silences. He's friendly, loves to gossip, complains often about the work he has to do, and seems to love giving Nancy chores. Getting rich quick appears to be one of his dreams.

Mary YazzieEdit

Mary runs a gift shop near Shadow Ranch, selling antiques and local art, including her own creations. She wants to buy a small plot of land from the Rawleys, but has so far been unsuccessful.

SHA map

Phone FriendsEdit

Nancy uses a cell phone that is accessed by an icon at the bottom of the screen.

Bess Marvin and George FayneEdit

Bess and George are cousins and are good friends of Nancy. They can give her advice.

Frank and Joe HardyEdit

Frank and Joe are detective brothers that Nancy knows. They can give her advice.

Bet and Ed RawleyEdit

Bet is at the hospital with Ed. Nancy can talk to them about her vacation.

Sheriff Hernandez Edit

Sheriff Hernandez is the Sheriff helping investigate the things going on at Shadow Ranch. Nancy can call them with the phone number found on the refrigerator.



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