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The Shattered Medallion
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Game #


Written by

Story by: Nicholas Blahunka
Cathy Roiter
Script by: Nicholas Blahunka

Directed by

Tim Burke

Guest Cast

Shiromi Arserio
Beau Prichard
Kira Lauren
Jamal Fahim
Carol King


May 20, 2014


New Zealand

Previous Game

The Silent Spy

Next Game

Labyrinth of Lies

The Shattered Medallion is the thirtieth installment of the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on Nancy Drew: Girl Detective Super Mystery #3: Real Fake. A randomly selected preorderer of The Deadly Device got to choose its location of New Zealand from a list of potential case locations.


Nancy and George end up winning a spot on a survival reality show in New Zealand called Pacific Run, in which players complete physical tasks to get five pieces of a medallion, and decide to bring Bess along. When they get there, they see that Sonny Joon (who Nancy doesn't remember due to an apparently horrendous long term memory), the man that Nancy had been unintentionally following all around the world throughout her detective career, is the producer of the show! There is talk that Sonny isn't supposed to be there, and the show quickly spirals out of control with certain contestants being favored, dangerous missions being assigned and even some accidents. Nancy, George and Bess must investigate why Sonny took charge of the show and what he really plans to do with it.


Sonny JoonEdit

Sonny is the show producer.

Patrick DowsettEdit

Patrick is a former rugby player participating in the show.

Kiri NindEdit

Kiri is another competitor on Pacific Run who enjoys being (mostly starring) in reality shows.

Leena PatelEdit

Leena is a skilled overachiever and codebreaker playing on the show.

Phone FriendsEdit

Nancy uses a Pacific Run phone that can be accessed by an icon at the bottom of the screen. It can call other players, but does not have outside access (it has her own phone backgrounds, though). She can get hints from the task list if she's an Amateur Sleuth.

Bess MarvinEdit

Bess is there to cheer on George and Nancy.

George FayneEdit

George is Nancy's partner in the competition.

Jamila El-Dine Edit

The phone Nancy uses to call her is not the Pacific Run phone but the phone in the puzzle palace to the left of the main screen after completing the phone challenge. You can call her once you have found her phone number in Sonny's tent and have completed the phone challenge. She is Sonny's partner at SPIED, whom Nancy has met in Tomb of the Lost Queen.

Trailer Edit

Nancy Drew 30 The Shattered Medallion official teaser02:36

Nancy Drew 30 The Shattered Medallion official teaser



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