This is a timeline of the events in Her Interactive's games. Games are assumed to take place in the years they come out in. Some cases may take place before others that came before them, meaning that the characters are probably time travelers. Sometimes, dates that are given weekdays are innacurate, and these are probably just mistakes.

1352 BCEEdit

Nefertiti takes the throne in Egypt.

1336 BCEEdit

Nefertiti’s reign ends.

1279 BCEEdit

Nefertari ascends the Egyptian throne.

1255 BCEEdit

Nefertari’s reign ends.

603 CEEdit

Pacal is born.


Pacal becomes King of the Maya at age 12.


The Pacal carving was made around this time. Perhaps the monolith and the rest of its keys were as well.


Pacal dies and his reign ends.

1040 Edit

August 1040 - Macbeth murders Duncan and becomes King of Scotland.

1297 Edit

September 1297 - William Wallace of Scotland defeats an English Army in the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

1306 Edit

March 1306 - Robert the Bruce becomes King of Scotland.

1314 Edit

June 1314 - The Battle of Bannockburn for Scottish Independence occurs.

1320 Edit

April 1320 - The Declaration of Arbroath recognizes Scotland's independence from England.

1356 Edit

September 9, 1356 - Randulf the Red is in the Battle of Poitiers.


Milo Penvellyn is in the Siege of Caen.

1436 Edit

Construction of Castle Finster begins.


It is documented that Hernando de Soto had the Incan emporer Atahualpa executed in order to take the Whisperer skull.


Else, Castle Finster’s Freiherr’s daughter, has her picture painted.


The Beast of Blackmoor is reported for the first time.

1567 Edit

July 1567 - Mary, Queen of Scots is forced to renounce her throne.


The Screaming Banshee Inn is established.


The Ten Raven Pub is established.


September 6, 1622 - The Atocha sinks around the Florida Keys after departing from Havana.


Elinor Penvellyn shows up on Blackmoor Manor’s doorstep.


Elinor Penvellyn is burned at the stake. The Penvellyns flee to France and don’t come back until around the beginning of the 18th Century.


Bishop Diego de Landa finds the West monolith key in Cuba.


August 1669 - El Toro’s Siete Virtudes fleet crashes on Dread Isle, where they remain for the rest of their lives.


August 1679 - El Toro is the last remaining member of his crew.


Rene Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle sails to the New World to try to colonize the Mississippi River Valley and brings the Whisperer skull with him, but his crew kills him and mutinies when they find themselves stranded in the Texas area.

1707 Edit

May 1707 - Acts of Union unites Scotland and England as Great Britain.

1744 Edit

March 1744 - The World's first Golf Club, The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers is formed in Scotland.

1745 Edit

July 1745 - Prince Charles (Bonnie Prince Charlie) returns to Scotland.


Juan D’Ascension Cortego finds the East monolith key on Cocos Island off Costa Rica.


November 2, 1755 - Marie Antoinette is born.

1770 Edit

April 19, 1770 - Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI's marriage is arranged.


May 10, 1774 - Marie Antoinette marries King Louis XVI, and becomes Queen of France.

1782 Edit

King Louis XVI appoints Monsieur Henri Lefevre de Ormesson as finance comptroller of France in the midst of the American Revolution they are participating in.

1783 Edit

The Heerlijkheid is captured and the Dutch East India Treasure, a backup savings for France, is hidden in Iceland, prompting the French Revolution.

1786 Edit

December 21, 1786 - Captain James Lawrence writes a journal to his daughter.


June 20, 1791 - Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI flee Paris.

June 25, 1791 - Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI are captured.

1792 Edit

September 21, 1792 - Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI are officially dethroned from France.


January 21, 1793 - Louis XVI is beheaded.

October 16, 1793 - Marie Antoinette is beheaded.


January 19, 1809 - Edgar Allan Poe is born.


April 9, 1811 - Meryl Humber’s parents get married. This date opens their trunk.


Rita Hallowell is born.


Rita Hallowell witnesses Edgar Allan Poe debating with one of his critics in the summer and decides to stay in New York, but has to go back home after two years.


October 3, 1849 - Edgar Allan Poe is admitted to Washington College Hospital and dies on October 7. Rita Hallowell secures his last works during these days.


July 10, 1856 - Nikola Tesla is born.


The lighthouse on Deception Island and the Royal Flush Saloon (later The Hot Kettle Cafe) are built. The tunnels connecting them are presumably dug as well.

Waverly Academy is founded.

The Thornton cemetery is established.


Rita Hallowell mysteriously dies.


Today's Times and Crime Weekly begin publishing in River Heights.

March 24, 1874 - Harry Houdini is born.

1875 Edit

The Lewistown Gazette is first published.


June 18, 1876 - Lizzie Applegate and Diego Valdez get married.

August 5, 1876 - Waldo Mathias is born.


December 25, 1878 - El Diablo steals the Christmas Gold.


The Bandit’s Treasure premieres.


July 17, 1881 - Curtis Caldwell shows off the Whisperer skull at his wagon.


Rolfe Kessler is born.

July 4, 1882 - Meryl Humber becomes sheriff of Dry Creek.


Hippocrates Bell is born in spring.

September 9, 1883 - Dirk Valentine is arrested.

September 17, 1883 - Dirk Valentine is hanged.

September 18, 1883 - Frances Humber runs away from home.


Mickey Malone is born some time before February 13.

1891 Edit

J. J. Thompson is born.

1894 Edit

Trapper Dan begins construction of Icicle Creek Lodge.


The East monolith key is auctioned to Henry Albert Daddle’s great grandfather in New York.


June 18, 1901 - Anastasia Romanov is born.

November 3, 1901 - Jake Hurley writes the letter to his niece with all the clues to the location of his mine.


April 8, 1902 - Lizzie Applegate writes her last Will and Testament.


Jake Hurley’s train is found abandoned in Blue Moon Canyon with the engineer dead.


Nefertari’s false tomb in the Valley of the Queens is discovered.

1905 Edit

September 1905 - Lizzie Applegate presumably dies.


September 12, 1906 - The Golden Gardenia is auctioned off.


The Lilac Inn is established. The building itself was built in the Civil War.


Rolfe Kessler marries Amelia.


Bruno Bolet is born.

June 1912 - Emily Crandall is born.


The carousel at Captain’s Cove Amusement Park by Rolfe Kessler is completed.


August 12, 1917 - Lois Manson is born.


January 15, 1918 The Thornton family cemetery was dedicated.

At the Hippodrome in New York City, Harry Houdini made an elephant weighing 10,000 (according to Harry) pounds disappear on stage.

July 17, 1918 - The Romanov family is murdered.


November 11, 1919 - Iggy the dog is born.


Construction of Wickford Castle begins.


Amelia Kessler leaves Rolfe.

Trapper Dan vanishes.


April 4, 1922 - Lucy the dog is born.


Rolfe Kessler tracks down Amelia, but she dies of tuberculosis. He is never seen again.

The original glass blowing facility in Castle Finster burns down.

August 16, 1923 - Xander the dog is born.


February 8, 1924 - Vitus the dog is born.


Wooly Hammer stars in "Play On" at The Royal Palladium Theater.

March 3, 1925 - Harry Houdini performs the Escape from the Watery Grave at the Royal Palladium.

March 21, 1925 - JJ Thompson gives Harry Houdini the contract for 50% ownership of the Royal Palladium theater.

Spring 1925 - Mickey Malone moves to Moon Lake. A newspaper, called The Lewistown Gazette, publishes a rumor on March 17 about him coming, and his fake death date for Waldo Mathias on his gravestone in the cemetery is May 10.

1926 Edit

October 31, 1926 - Harry Houdini dies.


Construction of Wickford Castle ends.


December 1929 - Josiah Crowley dies. Emily says he died “last year” but he bought a crystal on December 9. When on the ham radio, Nancy says he died earlier in the current year, but she may be mistaken.


April 1930 - Gloria Crandall dies.

May 7, 1930 - Secret of the Old Clock takes place, according to Richard’s calendar.


Mickey Malone and his gang execute the “Hole-in-the-Floor” gold robbery, in which they crawled into a train through a hole in one of the cars and unloaded 20 gold bars through the hole as the train was moving.


January 29, 1932 - Mickey Malone is arrested for tax evasion. All four of his dogs, Lucy, Xander, Vitus, and Iggy, "die" that night. It is later revealed they secretly survived for many years after this.


April 29, 1933 - Mickey Malone is sentenced to eight years in prison.


Abe Wentworth purchases Icicle Creek Lodge.

Caitlin O’Brien graduates Waverly Academy.

1935 Edit

Magdalena Applewhite stars in "Brigadain" at The Royal Palladium Theater.


October 5, 1936 - Z. B. Collingwood starts shooting Pharaoh.


January 4, 1937 - Lois Manson dies on set.

January 25, 1937 - Pharaoh wraps.


Henrik van der Hune is born.


February 12, 1941 - Mickey Malone dies of liver failure, in the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, at the age of 52.

February 13, 1941 - An article was published telling of Mickey Malone's death and life.

Skipbrot, Iceland starts holding its annual Ancestor's Festival around November/December.


Noisette Tornade begins working for the French and the Germans in World War II.

March 2, 1942 - William Akers decides to give up his search for the gold and move his family away.


The theme park is built over the set of Pharaoh.

Jake Shorewood stars in "Nebraska" at The Royal Palladium Theater.

January 7, 1943 - Nikola Tesla is found dead in his hotel room.

August 18, 1943 - Malachi Craven is born.


Summer 1944 - Castle Malloy explodes and Brendan and Caitlin are killed.

August 25, 1944 - The Allies liberate Paris happens and Noisette Tornade is no longer a spy.


Ezra Wickford shuts himself away in Wickford Castle.


The park over the set of Pharaoh is abandoned.


Z. B. Collingwood dies.

1950 Edit

J. J. Thompson dies.


Pacal’s tomb is found.

Nefertari’s tomb is found, but everyone on the expedition dies.

1953 Edit

Lori Brin & Ted Sachi star in "Wonderful City" at The Royal Palladium Theater.

1956 Edit

The Royal Palladium Theater was remodelled into a movie theater.


The Sheldon Rousseau Ballroom at Captain’s Cove Amusement Park is converted into the Haunted House in Winter and is finished in summer 1962.


Beatrice Hotchkiss graduates Waverly Academy.

1967 Edit

Paseo Del Mar High School was established.


Clara Thornton is born.

October 31, 1968 - Charlotte Thornton is born.


March 29, 1970 - Franz Mittelmeier is born.


Harper Thornton is born.


June 1, 1972 - Antonio Fango is born.

July 1972 - Henrik Van Der Hune and Taylor Sinclair go on an expedition in South America and hear the tale of Cihuapili Apoxcalli from a shaman on July 22.


Noisette Tornade becomes Director of Public Works in Paris.

Wade Thornton is born.

Clara Thornton’s mother dies, and she goes to live with Harper and Charlotte.


September 15, 1974 - Anja Mittelmeier is born.

1978 Edit

Bruno Bolet won first place in Miniature Modelers of America for the first time.


June 12, 1979 - Gray Cortright gets his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Kingston University.


Chaz Dunning steals jewels from a safe in the Captain’s Quarters Hotel and hides them in various rides in the park.


September 8, 1981 - Justin Beaumont is born.


October 22, 1982 - Maya Nguyen is born.

Bruno Bolet won first place in Miniature Modelers of America for the 2nd time.


July 10, 1983 - Mike DeSalle finds some of the jewels in the orbiter at Captain’s Cove Amusement Park.


Harper and Charlotte Thornton’s parents die in a plane crash.


July 20, 1985 - The shipwreck of The Atocha is discovered.

Bruno Bolet won first place in Miniature Modelers of America for the 3rd time.

1986 Edit

Bruno Bolet won first place in Miniature Modelers of America for the 4th time.


The Dread Isle Primate Behavioral Research Center introduces its troop of monkeys to the isle.


Jessalyn Thornton is born.

October 31, 1989 - Charlotte Thornton dies. Her birthday invitations say Saturday the 30th, but this would have been in 1993, so this is probably a mistake.

November 10, 1989 - Charlotte Thornton’s funeral is held.


Christi Lane reopens Wickford Castle.

Bet's Best Bets opens.

The Beast of Blackmoor is sighted for the last time.


Quigley Kim graduates Waverly Academy.

Bruno Bolet won first place in Miniature Modelers of America for the 5th time.


Jane Penvellyn is born.


February 16, 1993 - Taylor Sinclair acquires the Pacal carving for the Beech Hill Museum.


Simone Mueller "discovers" Brady Armstrong working at a coneydog stand.

Noisette Tornade retires.

Kyler Mallory graduates from Waverly Academy.

1997 Edit

Humans Against the Destruction of Illustrious Theaters (HAD IT) was founded in St. Louis, Missouri.

August 1997 - Life & Leisure magazine publishes an article about Emily Griffin, called "Dragging Ban is a Drag for Pennsylvania Treasure Hunter".


Secrets Can Kill takes place. Prom is coming up on Friday, May 23, placing it in 1997, but lots of the magazines are already labeled as ‘98 issues.

The Whitechapel Dawn sinks on its voyage from San Francisco to Vancouver.


November 13 - 15, 1999 - Stay Tuned for Danger takes place. It starts on Friday, November 13, which would place it in 1998, but Mattie already has an award from 1999. It ends on November 15.


November/December 2000 - Message in a Haunted Mansion takes place, as there is a Winter fest and the magazines and newspapers are from November. It is presumed Nancy stays for a while, as one of the newspapers she sends back home is dated Saturday, March 3 (which fits with 2001).

Jenna Deblin’s aunt Iris leaves her the Hot Kettle Cafe.


May 2001 - Justin Beaumont graduates from Oxford University.

Treasure in the Royal Tower takes place. The newspaper at the end says it took three days.

November/December 2001 - The Final Scene takes place. It is towards the end of the year as Maya is already 19.


March 2002 - Secret of the Scarlet Hand takes place in March, according to Alejandro and Henrik van der Hune’s calendar.

April 2002 - Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake takes place in April, according to Jeff’s calendar. Emily’s journal says Sally moved in on April 19. Nancy also drove in from Washington DC.

September 25, 2002 - Beech Hill’s Maya exhibit, Finding the Maya: A Lost Civilization Speaks opens, until April 26. There was a special preview for the Chaco pottery on May 21.


Dr. Malachi Craven is thrown out of the World Conference of Biotechnologies in Geneva for calling the co-presenters "hopelessly deluded morons".

The Haunted Carousel takes place.

April 30, 2003 - Beech Hill’s Maya exhibit closes.

Heather McKay graduates from Waverly Academy.

October 17, 2003 - Danger on Deception Island takes place on Friday the 17th. It could also be January, but the letters and postcards Nancy has at the beginning of the game indicate June 2003 has already passed.


Kyler Mallory spends five months living with Nancy.

The Dread Isle Primate Research Center closes down.

April 19, 2004 - Julius McQuade begins his diary.

May 18, 2004 - Mary Yazzie buys a steamer trunk full of "junk" from The Rawleys.

September 15 - 17, 2004 - The Secret of Shadow Ranch takes place, according to the flight confirmation email George sent Nancy. However, the weekdays (Tuesday, September 9 and Monday, September 15) would place it in 2003. This is probably a mistake.

Sunday, August 22, 2004- Linda Petrov and Hugh Penvellyn get married in the Royal Crest Cathedral.

October 1, 2004 - Julius McQuade finds Isis.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor takes place.

October 2004 - Justin Beaumont steals a Renoir painting.


Winter 2005 - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon takes place.

Kasumi Shimizu drowns (John Grey’s website says it was around five years ago). She was 42 and Yumi was 15.

July 14, 2005 - The Colony operation is stopped by Kate Drew. She is killed shortly thereafter.


Chantal Moique takes ownership of Icicle Creek Lodge. Albert Moique had convinced Tilly Wentworth into selling it to him about a year earlier.

March 2006 - Minette shows up to her last Fall show in March wearing a mask.

March 2006 - Antonio Fango moves to Venice.

March 11, 2006 - Dr. Kim begins her mission on the Big Island.

March 29, 2006 - Creature of Kapu Cave takes place at the end of March. Mike’s calendar is still on March, but March 28 has already passed according to Quigley’s audio journal. It may be the next day, March 29. Mike’s calendar says the first is a Thursday, which would place it in 2007, but this is probably a mistake.

April 2006 - Minette receives threats.

April 2006 - Justin Beaumont moves to Venice.

July 2006 - Minette receives threats and dead flowers for a week.

Late July/Early August 2006 - Sonny is also probably fired.

August 28, 2006 - Danger by Design begins. It is a Tuesday, which would place it in 2007, but that is probably a mistake.

December 24, 2006 - Julius McQuade goes to Pinevale Hospital and dies less than 24 hours later of viral pneumonia.


January 17/18, 2007 - The White Wolf of Icicle Creek takes place in January. Elsa resigns on January 15 and Guadalupe comments that she has only be gone for “two or three days”.

Thursday, May 31, 2007 - Legend of the Crystal Skull takes place.


January 4, 2008 - The Leipzig Guttenburg Bible is stolen from the Palazzo Foglio.

January 18, 2008 - The Doge’s Sword is stolen from the Doge’s Palace.

January 22, 2008 - The original score of Verdi’s Rigoletto is stolen from La Fenice.

January 25, 2008 - The Chalice of St. Gervase is stolen from the convent of St. Gervase.

February 2008 - The Phantom of Venice takes place. The newspaper when the phantom strikes the Ca Nascosta is dated Friday, February 10, and the newspaper when he is arrested is dated Friday, February 3. The dates are probably switched around by accident. These dates being on Fridays would place the game in 2006, but that is probably also a mistake.

May 28, 2008 - The Haunting of Castle Malloy takes place. Nancy’s invitation says the wedding is on June 1 and at the end of the game, she says the wedding was four days later.

Lights, Camera, Curses! takes place.


Ransom of the Seven Ships takes place.

June/July 2009 - Resorting to Danger! takes place, probably in the first half of the year, since Elwood Brown turns in his script for Spa-ntaneous Combustion in the event that he writes it on June 5. Cassidy’s calendar that Nancy finds has March 1 as Wednesday, which would be 2006, but it could be an old calendar.

November 6, 2009 - Treasure on the Tracks seems to begin due to the date of November 6 on Frank and Joe’s tickets. However, it is revealed in Trail of the Twister that it takes place simultaneously with that game. Perhaps the date of November 6 is from the previous Royal Express meeting and they didn’t update it in time for the next one.

November 20 - 23, 2009 Warnings at Waverly Academy takes place in November. Mel turned her art history paper in on November 17 and gets it back with a note that it was plagiarized on November 21, which can happen as early as the second day. Danielle was locked in the closet two weeks before Nancy’s arrival.


May 20 - 25, 2010 - Trail of the Twister takes place. Scott’s calendar is filled up to the 19th, and at the end of the game, the surface charts are filled up to the 24th.

September 2010 - Secrets Can Kill Remastered takes place. Homecoming is coming up on Friday, September 23.

Summer 2010 - Shadow at the Water’s Edge takes place. It may be in August or September, as Nancy’s Te Japan brochure says that the program is from June 1 to September 15.


Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch takes place in an alternate universe.

Friday, March 12, 2011 - The Captive Curse takes place. This weekday would place it in 2010, but this is probably a mistake.

Friday, August 18, 2011 - Alibi in Ashes takes place. The beginning took place on Thursday the 17th, although this weekday would be in either 2006 or 2017. This is probably a mistake.


Tomb of the Lost Queen takes place.

Friday, October 25, 2012 - Niko Jovic is killed. Nancy says this is the night of the murder when looking through the logs, but it is also the date on the newspaper at the beginning of the game announcing Niko’s death. The newspaper in the trailer says Friday, September 27. That is probably the mistake. Both of these dates would be in 2013 and are probably mistakes. Ellie gives Nancy the Tesla coil demonstration on October 29, according to her notes. The dates on Niko’s audio diaries (Wednesday, October 23, Friday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 10) would be in 2013, 2015, and 2017 or 2006, so these are all probably mistakes as well.

October/November 2012 - The Deadly Device takes place.


Dagny Silva and Magnus Kiljansson begin the restoration of the Heerlijkheid.

July 2013 - The Silent Spy takes place. July 14 is nearing. Grace Reid had been missing since the 1st.

October 28, 2013 - Jessalyn Thornton goes missing.

November 2013 - Ghost of Thornton Hall takes place.


Winter - The Shattered Medallion takes place. It is presumably summer (winter in Northern Hempisphere) in New Zealand.

July 2014 - Labyrinth of Lies takes place in early July.

2015 Edit

January 2015 - Sea of Darkness takes place, according to Soren's tablet. Magnus appears to have been missing for a while, considering that the Ancestor's Festival seems to take place in November or December. One of the festival's upcoming events, the Skipbrot Singoff, is taking place on Saturday, December 19th, which fits with 2015 (and is presumably talking about the next one).

2016 Edit

Nancy Drew Codes & Clues: Trouble at the Tech Fair takes place in an alternate universe.

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