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Tino Balducci is a police detective who achieved relative fame after stopping two bank robbers. He is voiced by Jeff Minnerly.

History Edit

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Edit

In 2005, Tino is invited on Lori Girard's train trip in order to find out what happened to Jake Hurley, the train's original owner. Tino and Lori used to date before then. He ends up pulling the emergency brake in order to try to frame John Grey for it and look like a good detective.

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek Edit

In 2007, Chantal Moique advises Tino to be Nancy's partner over the phone in figuring out why strange accidents are happening at Icicle Creek Lodge. Nancy reluctantly takes his "survey."

The Phantom of Venice Edit

Some of the voices that can be heard in the background mention that Tino is starring in the TV show Detective Beech.

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