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Tomb of the Lost Queen

Game #


Written by

Story by: Nicholas Blahunka
Cathy Roiter
Script by: Nicholas Blahunka

Directed by

Tim Burke

Guest Cast

Dave Rivas
Marianna DeFazio
Gabriel Wolf
Sofia Rybin


May 8, 2012


Cairo, Egypt

Previous Game

Alibi in Ashes

Next Game

The Deadly Device

Tomb of the Lost Queen is the twenty sixth game in the Nancy Drew adventure series. It is based on Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Supermysteries Number 25: Secrets of the Nile. It introduces the series' fourth interface. The game was promoted with a video called "Dylan's tours".


Nancy travels to Cairo, Egypt to help the excavation team of Kingston University (with which she is already familiar due to the rivalry of their meteorology department with Canute College in the Green Skies competition) to help unearth an ancient Egyptian mystery! Without warning, artifacts start disappearing from the dig site, accidents start plaguing the team, and the group's leader, Professor Jon Boyle, ends up hurt in a sandstorm! It's up to Nancy Drew to find out what is happening and if someone is trying to leave their goal buried forever!


Abdullah BakhoumEdit

Abdullah is the Egyptian liaison to the dig team. The arrogant and stern archeologist is revered as one of the most talented in the field and is close to becoming world-renowned.

Lily CreweEdit

Lily is a student studying for a PhD in Egyptology. Though she can be bossy and overbearing, she appears to be very nervous about the supposed curse surrounding the tomb.

Jamila El-DineEdit

Jamila is a local woman who came to observe the dig. She claims to believe that the aliens (or Annunaki) are responsible for the creation of the tombs and pyramids. She and Abdullah are very hostile towards one another.

Dylan CarterEdit

Dylan is a British tour guide, sure that people will have to see the tomb if it does indeed have a curse upon it.

Phone FriendsEdit

Nancy uses a cell phone that can be accessed by an icon at the bottom of the screen. She can get hints from an app called the Hint Hotline if she's an Amateur Sleuth.

Bess MarvinEdit

Bess is Nancy's friend.

Jon BoyleEdit

Jon is the leader of the group.

Professor Beatrice HotchkissEdit

Professor Hotchkiss pretty much knows everything. You can call her if you have a question about 18th century French history, crystal skulls, or apparently, ancient Egypt.

Trailer Edit

Nancy Drew Tomb of the Lost Queen Official Trailer01:44

Nancy Drew Tomb of the Lost Queen Official Trailer



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