Vandelay Pharmaceuticals is a pharmacy in Paseo del Mar, Florida.

History Edit

Secrets Can Kill Edit

Hector Sanchez felt enormous pressure to perform well as an athlete and impress colleges. Eventually, the pressure became too great and Hector broke into Vandelay Pharmaceuticals to steal Dianabol, a performance enhancer. Somehow, a fellow student named Jake Rogers found out about the theft and used the knowledge to blackmail Hector. Jake also blackmailed Daryl Gray, who delivered drugs to a man named Mitch Dillon.

When Jake tried to blackmail him too, Mitch murdered him. Daryl attempted to confront him about Jake's death, but Mitch pulled a gun on him. Luckily, Connie Watson was able to kick him in the back so his aim went awry, shooting Daryl's arm instead. Nancy Drew managed to take the gun and Mitch was soon arrested.

Trivia Edit

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