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This page is for the cast of every game.

Main CastEdit

Secrets Can KillEdit

Secrets Can Kill RemasteredEdit

Stay Tuned for DangerEdit

Message in a Haunted MansionEdit

Treasure in the Royal TowerEdit

The Final SceneEdit

Secret of the Scarlet HandEdit

Ghost Dogs of Moon LakeEdit

The Haunted CarouselEdit

Danger on Deception IslandEdit

The Secret of Shadow RanchEdit

Curse of Blackmoor ManorEdit

Secret of the Old ClockEdit

Last Train to Blue Moon CanyonEdit

Danger by DesignEdit

The Creature of Kapu CaveEdit

The White Wolf of Icicle CreekEdit

Legend of the Crystal SkullEdit

The Phantom of VeniceEdit

The Haunting of Castle MalloyEdit

Lights, Camera, Curses!Edit

Ransom of the Seven ShipsEdit

Resorting to Danger!Edit

Warnings at Waverly AcademyEdit

Trail of the TwisterEdit

Shadow at the Water's EdgeEdit

The Captive CurseEdit

Alibi in AshesEdit

Tomb of the Lost QueenEdit

The Deadly DeviceEdit

Ghost of Thornton HallEdit

The Silent SpyEdit

The Shattered MedallionEdit

Labyrinth of Lies Edit

Sea of Darkness Edit

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