Wickford Castle was the home of Ezra Wickford, the inventor of chocolate milk, located in Butter Ridge, Wisconsin.

History Edit

Ezra decided he wanted a castle in 1920 and had one constructed over the next seven years. He also bought Jean Le Bouef's library to include in the castle, along with the tower Le Bouef had taken from Marie Antoinette and had attached to it. Wickford had the castle built so that the secret entrance to the tower and the dungeon was in the elevator shaft. The castle also has many dead ends, as Wickford was very worried about being robbed and hoped that a potential robber would get stuck in one while trying to escape. The castle also has a large library with books in multiple languages.

In 1945, Wickford shut himself away for what was to be many years. It was presumably around this time that he disowned his son, Dexter Egan. After Wickford's death, it was closed down for many years until his great niece, Christi Lane, finally inherited it and opened it up as a ski lodge in 1990. Dexter became the caretaker. After Nancy (along with bringing the castle to fame by discovering Marie Antoinette's treasures) reveals in 2001 that Dexter was actually Ezra's adopted son, Christi allows him to become co-owner.

The castle has many beautiful stained glass windows and paintings of Marie Antoinette to celebrate the historical significance of the library and hidden tower. As Professor Hotchkiss points out, "it's all so 18th C". There is also a building outside that houses machinery for the ski lift and a garden that Ezra liked to visit.

Gallery Edit

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