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Yumi's apartment 1

Yumi Shimizu's apartment is located at the Kurume subway stop. Yumi has Nancy go to her apartment to get more bento boxes. Yumi also lets Nancy stay there after she causes Nancy to miss the subway by having her help with bento boxes too long.

The apartment is has pink decorations and designs similar to the characters in her bento boxes.

Yumi's apartment 2

Inside the apartment, Yumi has a 'model creating' application on her TV that Nancy can use to create outfits for her friend's phone avatars.

Yumi's apartment 3

Two hauntings can occur at Yumi's apartment:

In Yumi's closet, Nancy can find a DVD that has a haunting on it. If Nancy watches the DVD, she can mention it to Yumi. This causes Yumi to panic, showing that Yumi at least partially believes that there is a haunting at the Ryokan. This haunting is optional.

Yumi's apartment 4

Once Nancy has to stay at Yumi's apartment due to the subway closing, Nancy wakes up in the middle of the night to a banging noise at Yumi's window. Nancy opens the window to see green writing appear on the window. This writing is parts of letters that the family has received. Gradually, parts of the writing disappears to form out a threat: "I know your secret Yumi. I can't wait to see you again." Nancy can tell Yumi about the haunting. This causes Yumi to get riled and she accuses Nancy of lying.After Nancy promises she is not making it up, Yumi says that this means that her grandmother was right and that Nancy should not go back to the Ryokan again.This haunting must occur.

Yumi's apartment 5


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