Yumi Shimizu's apartment is located at the Kurume subway stop in Kyoto, Japan.

History Edit

When Yumi Shimizu left her family's ryokan, she headed straight to the city and eventually found her current apartment. It's tiny and expensive, but Yumi loved it because it wasn't the Ryokan Hiei.

Yumi decorated her apartment in all things pink and cute. She had everything from a large pink teddy bear to bento box stickers to a "model creating" application on her TV that allowed her to create phone avatars.

Shadow at the Water's Edge Edit

Shortly after Yumi meets Nancy Drew for the first time, she gives her a key to her apartment and sends her there to get more bento boxes. Nancy can snoop around the little room and potentially find a strange, unmarked DVD that shows creepy imagery. If Nancy asks Yumi about it, she becomes alarmed and defensive.

Later on, she makes Nancy help her with bento boxes for so long, the subway closes for the night and Nancy has little choice but to accept Yumi's offer to let her stay overnight in the apartment. In the middle of the night, Nancy is awakened by he sound of banging on the window. Suddenly, glowing green markings flow across the glass, writing out sections of several letters addressed to and from the Shimizu family. Gradually, parts of the writing fade away to form a threat.

If Nancy chooses to tell Yumi about the frightening event, she gets riled and accuses Nancy of lying. When Nancy swears that she's telling the truth, Yumi admits that her grandmother must be right and warns Nancy not to go back to the ryokan.

Gallery Edit


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