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Game Featured

Legend of the Crystal Skull


French Quarter of New Orleans


Curio Stop


Lamont Warrick (Owner)


Bess Marvin
Henry Bolet

Zeke's is a curio shop in the French quarter of New Orleans, in the game Legend of the Crystal Skull. It is owned by Lamont Warrick. Henry Bolet pawned several items to this shop, including the case where the crystal skull was when Bruno Bolet first received it, and a skeleton costume Bruno wore to his secret society, Jolly Rodger Krewe.

Legend of the Crystal Skull Edit

Bess looks around and goes snooping in the back room for clues in what Henry Bolet sold to Lamont. She later breaks in and steals the skeleton costume that helps her sneak into the Jolly Rodger Krewe meeting.

Quotes Edit

"The guy I bought the place from made me promise I wouldn't change the name. Funny thing was his name wasn't Zeke either..." Lamont telling Bess about the mysterious name.

Notes Edit

  • The origin of the shop's name was never given; It is possible that the previous owner got it from yet another owner, who might have been named Zeke. It could also be Her Interactive having fun.
  • Zeke's has many things in it including a rather realistic corpse and magic toast.
  • A food truck called Granny Punkin's Cajun Cookin', hangs out by the shop. And Bess can eat from there.

Trivia Edit

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